Devika Bajaj

Dec 13, 2020

2 min read


Does overthinking hamper your creative process? Here are a few interesting ways to ‘stay creative’.

Creativity can mean different things to different people. Some define it as a process or a flow that enables ideas, products, or an exquisite piece of art. However, it is often marred by our habit of overthinking. Our minds can play strange games with us and can put us in a rabbit hole called procrastination. However, there are ways to circumvent this.

Make Flow a way of life

Most often we get stuck in the rut and get busy with chores. Creativity comes not at a particular moment or at a particular time. It comes from daily life, from everything we do. I find some of the most creative thoughts coming to me when I am cooking or when I am putting my son to sleep. Hence if you were to live life more fully and in the moment the flow of creativity will become a lot more natural.

Be the Hunter & Seeker

Creative thoughts and ideas don’t always come from inside of us. It comes from our surroundings. The life and the innate objects around us. We often hear “ stay inspired”. Inspiration can be an outcome of an interaction, observation, or experience, all of which are present in our surroundings. Seek natural inspirations. Discover stories instead of inventing them. They will be a lot more real.

Master the art of balance

Balance in life is what gives peace and allows the flow state to exist. Creativity emerges when there is balance in our lives. Balance requires discipline, bringing in focus and an alignment of the head and the heart, thereby enabling creative thoughts to flow.

When there is equilibrium in all spheres of life creativity becomes a natural process that flows through.

Slay Perfection

Perfection is an elusive goal and stories are about finding joy and beauty in imperfection. Just like the Japanese do, with Kintsugi, celebrating beauty in broken things- the Zen way. Stories are an outcome of journeys and experiences; creativity is found on the path. It is not the end goal or something to achieve. It is a way of life and sometimes found in the beauty of nothingness too.

Be like a child

It is unabashed and unbridled like the innocence of childhood. Children create things from the endless well of abundance and while doing so they have fun. That is where spontaneity resides. Overthinking and spontaneity are daggers drawn with each other. Where one exists the other has no room.

Therefore, let not the tricks of the mind camouflage the beauty that flows from the heart. Creativity flows from wherever we are. It is unique because it is armed with freedom of thought, the innocence of a child, beauty in imperfection, and the peace of balance.